Remember to Pack a Roadside Emergency Kit

February 4th, 2017 by

It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is brand new or has seen its share of adventures, an emergency situation can occur.  By packing a Roadside Emergency Kit, you can be prepared to handle some of those potential issues.  This is especially important during the cold winter months when you might find yourself stuck in weather-induced traffic issues for extended periods of time.

Build Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit

A Roadside Emergency Kit can be purchased already built (though there are still some things that should be added to most pre-built kits) or you can put your own together easily.  Here are some things to remember to put in your kit:

  • A Charged Cell Phone — This could be either the one you normally carry or an inexpensive prepay monthly phone that is kept only in the vehicle for emergencies.  Just make sure it is kept charged.
  • A First Aid Kit —  This should be packed with essentials such as band aids, antiseptic, gauze, and pain relievers.  An instant ice pack is also helpful to have in your first aid kit.
  • A Blanket or Two — This will be very welcome if you break down or are trapped in a bad weather situation.  Any blanket folded and/ or rolled to fit neatly into a storage space will offer much-needed warmth in certain emergency situations.
  • Roadside Flares or Reflective Triangle — You will want to be seen while parked on the side of the road so flares or a reflective triangle are essential.
  • Spare Tire and Tire Changing Essentials — This seems obvious, but always make sure you have a spare tire that is properly inflated and the tools needed to change a tire.
  • Jumper Cables and a Tow Rope-  Both of these items can be helpful in specific emergency situations and do not take up much room.
  • Various Car Fluids and Extra Fuses — If possible, carry small bottles of fluids such as wiper fluid, oil, and brake fluid.  Also, having a few extra fuses for your lights can be helpful.
  • Sand or Ice Melt — If you find yourself stuck in the snow or on a patch of ice, you will welcome a small bag of sand or ice melt.
  • Small Tool Kit — Your kit should include a flashlight, vise grips, wrenches, hammer, pliers, a funnel, and some duct tape at a minimum.
  • Seat Belt Cutter / Glass Breaking Tool
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Non-Perishable Snacks and Bottled Waters

While this may seem like a lot to carry with you, there is just no knowing when you could need it.  It is always better to be prepared in case of an emergency.  Mike Ward Maserati wants you to be prepared and be safe whether on your daily commute or family road trip!