Purchase or Lease – Let Mike Ward Maserati Provide Details on Both

October 27th, 2017 by

Purchase or Lease your vehicle at Mike Ward Maserati Near Denver


Mike Ward Maserati has an excellent finance department that would like to help you purchase or lease your new Maserati. We have financing options for almost all credit situations. One big question many of our customers have is whether to buy or lease. Every family’s situation is different so these guidelines may assist you with your final decision:


Who Owns It – Weather paying cash or financing, the vehicle is yours after payment is complete.

Up Front Costs – If financing, the lender will probably require a down payment. The down payment will generally depend on your credit score and the lender’s requirements.

Future Value – Vehicle will be worth whatever you can sell it for. Remember to schedule regular maintenance at Mike Ward Maserati!

End of Payments – The auto is yours! The lender will send you a lien release as proof that the vehicle is officially owned by you!


Who Owns It – Leases are generally cheaper because you do not actually own the vehicle. You are paying for use of the vehicle which is usually owned by the lender.

Up Front Costs – A leased vehicle usually does not require a down payment. Usually the lender with require the first month’s payment, security deposit, acquisition fee and applicable fees

Future Value – Since you don’t own the auto, it’s the financial institution’s responsibility to sell it in the future. You may be responsible for any mileage overages and extra wear and tear.

End of Payments – Most people decide to turn in their automobile after the term of the lease but you may also purchase the vehicle at that time. You also have the flexibility of turning in the vehicle for a new model during the lease. Ask our financial experts about these different options so we can set up the lease that is perfect for you.

Best Autos to Lease – Vehicles with the best book value at the end of the lease.

Stop in to Mike Ward Maserati near Denver today and let our financial experts assist you with your purchase or lease of a new Maserati today!  We would be happy to discuss further with you whether purchase or lease of your new vehicle is the best option for you.