Let Mike Ward Maserati Help Sell Your Vehicle

March 11th, 2019 by

Mike Ward Maserati Vehicle Consignment


Ready to sell your luxury or exotic vehicle?  Whether you want to sell a car, truck, or SUV without the hassles that go with a private sale, let the experts at Mike Ward Maserati near Denver help.  Our highly-trained and professional staff will work with potential buyers so you don’t have to.  With our vehicle consignment program, we work as a broker for the sale of your vehicle.  That means we take care of marketing and responding to emails and phone calls from potential buyers.  We can help arrange financing for a buyer.  Then we complete all required paperwork to complete your sale.  The final step — we cut a check to you!

There are many benefits of the Mike Ward Maserati Vehicle Consignment.  First and foremost, you get Mike Ward‘s reputation as a top-level luxury car dealer to stand behind your vehicle sale.  There are no hidden fees or charges since our rates are all agreed on by you before the vehicle sells.  Our staff will make sure your vehicle is ready for sale before advertising it so we can present your vehicle properly.  We will have professional pictures of your vehicle taken by our photographer so we have amazing photos to put out in advertising.  When we find the perfect buyer, we can help them secure financing to purchase your vehicle.  As a bonus, we have the ability to allow your prospective buyer to trade in a vehicle towards the purchase of your vehicle!

Find out more about our consignment program and read the Consignment Agreement here.  Contact Mike Ward Maserati for more information!