Lease or Finance Your Next Vehicle?

May 9th, 2017 by

Finance or lease your next vehicle?

When it is time to choose your next new vehicle, you have great options for purchasing or leasing your Maserati.  There are many pros and a few cons to each.  You will have to decide which works best for your situation.   Let the Finance Department at Mike Ward Maserati help you evaluate the options to find the perfect one for you!


Pros  –

  • When it is paid for, it is yours!
  • You drive how many miles you need to drive.  There are no limits when you are purchasing the vehicle.
  • Modify the car as you want to.
  • The equity you build in the car is yours.

Cons –

  • A car loses value soon after purchase.
  • You will often need a down payment either cash or trade-in.
  • The aging car can require more maintenance and repairs.

Pros –

  • Your payments are usually smaller when leasing.
  • Often the down payment is less.
  • A warranty usually covers the vehicle for as long as you own it.
  • Choose how long you want to own the vehicle, then pick a lease that matches that!

Cons –

  • You should not make any modifications to a leased vehicle.
  • You will likely have restrictions related to how many miles you can put on the vehicle.
  • You won’t be building equity in the vehicle since you must return it.
  • When the lease term is over you do not have a vehicle unless you lease or purchase another.

We hope this has helped you to sort through the options between a vehicle purchase and lease.  Both are great options for purchasing your quality Maserati.  Stop by Mike Ward Maserati of Denver and we can discuss further the Maserati vehicle line-up and the best way for you to drive one home today!