Join Mike Ward Maserati For a Fun Evening at the Track

March 31st, 2018 by

Mike Ward Maserati rally to Take it to the Track

Have you ever been to Bandimere Speedway’s Take it to the Track Night?  It is a fun evening at the track no matter if you participate by racing your vehicle or as a spectator.  Mike Ward Maserati and the rest of the Mike Ward Auto Group dealers are ready to head to the track for this event on April 25 at 3 pm.  Meet us at Mike Ward Maserati at 3 pm on April 25th and we will all rally to the track together.  Take it to the Track registration is at 4 pm so we will be there in time for you to register if you want to participate in the Take it to the Track event.  Bandimere Speedway charges $35 to run your vehicle in this event plus there is a $15 admission fee.

Contact Mike Ward Maserati for more information on our rally to Take it to the Track!  We hope to have you join in!